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Aaron Keylock - Cut Against The Grain

Aaron Keylock - Cut Against The Grain

Label : Mascot Records | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : If you may release your debut album via the Mascot Label Group, you have done well so far. Then there are people who have high expectations. And in the case of Aaron Keylock, there sure are a lot of people with expectations. The young English axeman is seen as a Briton that finally can ‘replace’ Gary Moore. Not only in terms of shredding but also in the fusion of blues with classic rock. And on this debut album 'Cut Against The Grain' we hear a lot of both.

Aaron is a young guy who musically sounds mature. Only his voice betrays his age. Keylock plays a mix of fairly traditional blues (‘Falling Again’) and typical American blues rock. A bit like bands like Blackberry Smoke and Black Crowes, but not quite of that same level. His guitar antics ensure the highest level, but his song material is not (yet) really good enough. Unfortunately the eleven tracks are not all that interesting. That in itself is not a big deal because I am sure that can certainly grow. Touring with Blackberry Smoke and listen to advice from someone like producer Fabrizio Grossi (Zakk Wylde, Slash) will certainly contribute to that. Best songs on this debut are undoubtedly the tearjerker ‘Just One Question '(delicious guitar parts) and the salute toward the Allman Brothers, the virtuoso' No Matter What The Cost’. On these tracks the young man rises above himself. If he can bring more songs of that level on the next album, I am looking forward to it already. Bonamassa has finally found a potential competitor.

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