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Lamashtu  - Fallna Själar

Lamashtu - Fallna Själar

Label : Älvsång Production | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Lamashtu happens to be a demon goddess in Mesopotamian mythology, but she and Pazuzu are obviously also used in Dungeons & Dragons. In this case we received a nicely printed vinyl version of the album ‘Fallna Själar’. All lyrics are in Swedish. Lamashtu is a duo made up of female singer/bassist Sandra Mattson (Lamashtu) and multi-instrumentalist Johan Älvsång (Pazuzu).

The music can be categorized as gothic rock, but of a very theatrical kind. Female vocals are ultimately prominent and expressive, so that songs like ‘Lamashtus Vals’ and ‘Dockans Roll’ rather verge to theatre and cabaret. There are many spoken parts and classical piano reigns over guitars. In the lengthy last track ‘Ge Mig Allt’ we also hear orchestral arrangements. Sometimes we hear male vocals, but mainly harmony chants in the back. This is an album for a select audience, but it did not convinced me. Might be a tip for those who have a liking for Theatres Des Vampires… Additional flaw in this case is the fact that you do not understand a word, when you do not know Swedish.

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