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Grafvitnir - Obeisance To A witch Moon

Grafvitnir - Obeisance To A witch Moon

Label : Carnal Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kevin : When two labels like carnal Records and Daemon Worship Records combine forces, you know it has to be for something great and ‘Obeisance To A witch Moon’ is just that. Grafvitnir`s fourth album is pure, orthodox black metal greatness. The band plays typical Swedish black, filled with hate, devotion and chilling melodies. This is what Dark Funeral wishes they play, this is what Setherial could have become but never did, this is what Watain lost after their second album. A prime example of Swedish black metal, equal to Marduk and Dissection. Hate, satanic devotion and icy cold bound to a great album and wrapped in splendid artwork, what more could you wish for?

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