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Dreamshade - Vibrant

Dreamshade - Vibrant

Label : Artery Recordings | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : Dreamshade was founded in 2016 and this particular work means their third full-length effort. Now, they are not the first ever Suisse band to go through a musical coming of age. But Dreamshade is written down in our big book as melodic death metal band, with prominent hints of metalcore. You can now scratch that definition out. The vocals are scratched at the roughest points, but an actual roar or scream is no longer there. Instead off that the band has become much more layered in its approach of the music. The atmosphere of say Anathema, the current Amorphis and Opeth is sort blended with (indeed) metalcore, very careful pieces of nu-metal and they deal with the struggles of life. Should they be any younger, I would have dropped the term “teen angst”.

Dreamshade has worked with great attention to this album and delivered a very nice piece, with which they show they are future-proof. The mere fact they shrug off their death metal feathers is not likely to do much damage, as when I listen back to older material, you might had seen this choice of their coming. On top of that I think it is important to express the feelings they address properly, rather than to hide behind a roar, so I understand their choice very well. I would have left the term as a whole behind in their case, personally All together it is a beautiful record, of which I at times do think if you have issues, fight them, rather than to dwell in them , but that would have delivered a far less interesting record. They should be proud of this one.

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