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Draugsól - Volada Land

Draugsól - Volada Land

Label : Signal Rex | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kevin : Draugsól are a new Icelandic black metal band. The last couple of years we have seen the Icelandic scene carving a space for themselves with atmospheric, yet technical and dissonant black metal. Draugsol have partialy broken with that tradition by incorporating things like folk, death metal and more typical Scandinavian black into their sound. These lads have the same high skill level as their countrymen in Svartidaudi, Wormlust and Misthyrming, but stand out by their different approach. A better comparison would be made with old Blut Aus Nord or the eclectic Diabolical Masquerade. This is an epic and diverse album that should please many a black metal devotee.

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