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Diablerie - The Catalyst Vol. 1: Control

Diablerie - The Catalyst Vol. 1: Control

Label : Primitive Reaction | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Diablerie is a band from Finland that combines extreme metal with electronics. It is said that they play industrial metal and that is the case sometimes, but they also sound like Strapping Young Lad, like they do in 'Rabid'. Adding electronics gives it a lot of groove that sounds really good. When the band plays a faster song, like on 'Odium Humani Generis' the keyboards work the best and we have a heavy, brutal but entirely accessible song. For some, the frequent use of keys and related instruments will be just a little too much, but they always serve the song and the inventive fast riffs and raw vocals still form the basis for the songs. After much back and forth with band members, they now have a good team of musicians that should be allowed to make a few albums in this style. It is perhaps a new form of melodic death metal, a version 2.0 as it were. Or even the sound of the future As the title of the album refers to multiple volumes, we can still expect something beautiful from Finland in the coming years.

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