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Offworld - Some Circles Are Square

Offworld - Some Circles Are Square

Label : Freia Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : Freia Music is a label that is not afraid to take more risk in the music style they contract. No predictable bite-sized chunks therefore. Offworld, our southern neighbors from Belgium, is a band that takes the style of progressive rock in hand and it then moves around easily in the genre. On ‘Some Circles Are Square' the band makes a good mark. As a whole it has a, thanks to the spacey intro's, an alien feeling and hence the band name is appropriately chosen. Musically you can search in the direction of the old Genesis, Yes, Frank Zappa but also talents such as Steve Vai and Devin Townsend are most likely influences for the Belgians. Virtuose, complex, varied and still pleasant to listen to. I do miss vocals though, as they are simply not there.

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