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L'Homme Absurde - Monsters

L'Homme Absurde - Monsters

Label : More Hate Productions | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cedric : L’Homme Absurde hails from Russia and is a new band that was founded in 2016, released a self-titled EP and now releases a first full-length album, all in the same year. The three tracks that could be heard on the EP are also to be found on this debut album, accompagnied by five other tracks. But what music does L’Homme Absurde have to offer us on ‘Monsters’?

The band clearly shows to be a big fan of the whole post-blackmetal genre. Also shoegaze elements, as we know from bands like Alcest and Les Discrets, are definately present in the calmer parts of the music on this album. This way L’Homme Absurde succeeds in making the listener dream away from time to time, thanks to the beautiful melodies and melancholic vibes in the music, but the moments where the band unleashes all fury they sound very heavy, angry and dissonant. In this harder aspect of their music you can without a doubt discover multiple references to bands like Downfall Of Gaia, Wolves In The Throne Room and even Cult Of Luna for example.

The raging and dissonant sound of the band does ask a lot of perseverance from the listener for the songs to really unveil their essence. But this is something you hear more often within the post-blackmetal genre, where it seems to be more important to create atmosphere thanks to repetition in the music, instead of creating songs that will be etched into your memory after just one spin. There is of course nothing wrong with this way of writing songs, but whereas bands like Wolves In The Throne Room for example this way succeed in creating magnificently built-up atmospheric musical pieces, L’Homme Absurde tends to somewhat lose itself in the chaos of their music.

‘Monsters’ is not at all a bad album, but the songs just need a tad more refinement in their structure to be really convincing. Also the constantly pounding rage in the harder parts of the music could use a bit less of it, or some extra layer of melody could be added to the songs to make the whole a bit more captivating at times. L’Homme Absurde is on the right path, clearly shows a passion for this style of music, but the band still lacks a bit of maturity in their compositions.

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