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Laster - Ons Vrije Fatum

Laster - Ons Vrije Fatum

Label : Dunkelheit Produktionen | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kevin : Laster have been making waves in the Dutch underground for quite a while now and they will release their second full length of obscure dance music soon. They have clearly evolved and the self -chosen description of obscure dance music is certainly fitting.

The opening song is in their usual style, although a variation in vocal approach can be heard. On ‘Binnenstebuiten’ the band takes a much more down, almost doom path, with picked guitars and emotional leads. ‘Bitterzoet’ surprises with synths that would befit a Muse track and combines those with the moods of Lifelover and Alcest, helped by clean vocals. The song ends with a blast, overlaid with dreamy melody, showing the bands growth. ‘Helemaal Naar Huis’ has some progressive drum work, choirs that remind me of Enslaved and the song sounds like a soul screaming. The vocals here are way more raw than usual and I like that a lot. I am not the biggest fan of their usual ‘screeching death bird’ approach, I don`t find it annoying, but it lacks a certain strength. This album, however, sees so much vocal variation that the screech comes of much better. After seven minutes a whispering voice comes in, accompanied by a saxophone solo, giving the song an extra progressive edge. The song ends in an explosion of blasts, ferocious guitars and screams. ‘De Tijd Voor’ starts off with estranging synths, only to get weirder with its blast beat and floating guitars and even more so when a house beat is detected underneath it all. ‘De Roes Na’ starts of quite black but quickly turns into territory trodden by Anathema. A bit later, the band revisits their more standard style. After the five minute mark the music reminds me of Les Discrets, with its dreamy and clear harmonic singing. Closing track ‘Er Wordt Op Mij Gewacht’ opens with a rhythm that would fit better with Dutch crooners, but Laster quickly manage to turn it into something darker. Again, the harmonious singing is used and I must say, I find this a huge improvement to the overall sound of the band. Halfway through, the song becomes quite hectic with rapid tempo changes and dissonant guitars, only to go into much quitter terrain which has a new wave feeling to it. This is certainly obscure and danceable, a fitting end to a very good album.

Of course, being the guardian of all things kvlt and trve, I should hate this artistic pooha, but I don`t care what you think. Laster has created a unique and original album that deserves all kinds of praise.

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