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Sibiir - Sibiir

Sibiir - Sibiir

Label : Fysisk Format | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Holy fucking shit, this band is cool! Sibiir is a relatively new collective hailing from Norway that seamlessly mixes black metal with traditional hardcore. Mind you, this is a combination that shouldn’t work as well as it does on this record. Imagine a Kvelertak that abandoned their punk influences, turned the black metal notch to 11 and produced their albums like the hardcore albums of old. Unnerving progressions that hammer nails into your spine with a sledgehammer.

While the vocals leave something to be desired in terms of variety, and while the vocalist’s use of his instrument unfortunately leans more towards hardcore than black metal, the instrumentation fixes a lot of issues. Compositions might not be as thought out as one would hope, but the individual songs are like chocolate chip cookies: once you start, you can’t seem to stop and in the end you hate yourself because you’ve eaten like 12 in five minutes time. It makes it so that the album’s generally average runtime of 37 minutes feels like 10 minutes and to me, that indicates that this band is doing something very right. I want more of this, as soon as possible!

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