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Morudes - Sinister Beat

Morudes - Sinister Beat

Label : Snaxville Recordings/PIAS | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : The siblings (twins?) Amund and Henrik Maarud have become household names in their native Norway. Solo or with a band, they created a fan base with their traditional blues rock and won many prizes. Despite their success, the Maarud brothers wanted more and most of all something different. The result is called Morudes. A definite change of style, more alternative rock and a different approach of looking back.

Morudes is a mixture of influences of “modern” bands suchs as Queens of the Stone Age and Mars Volta and classic hard rock like Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin and The Who, filtered through the elementary no-nonsense line up of guitar and drums. It is easy to compare this with White Stripes, but there is more to Morudes than that. Jim and Meg White go for the rough unpolished garage rock, whereas Amund and Henrik Maarud try to bring a somewhat more sophisticated version of psychedelic heavy blues rock. Especially in the second half of their debut album ‘Sinister Beat’ they leave the path set out by the Stripes and the Norwegians’ music becomes less a copy of the red black and white duo and more their own version of garage born rough-edged blues with more than just a tinge of desert stoner rock. Morudes is just another prove that Norway has got much more to offer musically than only “trve” black metal made by corpsepaint covered eccentrics. Take Motorpsycho, Turbonegro, Madrugada and now also Morudes.

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