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Horn - Turm Am Hang

Horn - Turm Am Hang

Label : Northern Silence Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The German pagan black metallers of Horn return with their seventh full-length already! ‘Turm Und Hang’ succeeds the reasonable but forgettable ‘Feldpost’, let us hope that this one will be more memorable. At first glance it definitely seems so. More melodic, fresher slightly more varied and with a better general construction of the material. Inspired by acts such as Helrunar, Windir and perhaps even Primordial, it is no surprise to find many heathen styled melodies and folky bits. And although not particularly original, Horn did improve on itself in this regard. The overall atmosphere of the album is heroic and almost epic, although the abundantly used harmonies and cleanish vocals might be a bit too much to really shatter my expectations. Having said that, I’m fairly sure that fans of the aforementioned bands will be pleased with ‘Turm Und Hang’.

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