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Heaven's Guardian - Signs

Heaven's Guardian - Signs

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : For this album, I did not read the enclosed biography first. I'm just started to listen without any knowledge about the music and what to get. After an epic intro that could be part of the better fantasy film, the album is launched with 'Time'. Heavy power metal and a male singer who goes into battle with a female voice. This last one sounds as a real diva with a fantastic clear and powerful voice that I thought Heaven's Guardian was some composite super group. 'Signs' turns out to be the third album of this band. Heaven's Guardian has been around since 1997 and comes from Brazil. The current line only came together in 2013 after their former singer left the band. The use of two vocalists delivers an excellent sound. The singing duo consists of Olívia Bayer and Flávio Mendez. Olivia's voice is clearly in ascendancy and Flavio sounds more like support. Everybody who Olivia hears singing, immediately realize why the name heaven is standing for in the band name. For fans of the genre is this 58 minutes pure enjoying in one long epic journey.

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