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Glaukom Synod - Vampires And Gorgeous Throats

Glaukom Synod - Vampires And Gorgeous Throats

Label : Visceral Cricuitry | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Mini-CD

Berto : Spread The Sickness !! That is what it says on the Facebook page of Glaukom Synod, a French industrial metal / grindcore band that has been defying the ears of many listeners since 2005. It's weird music which is made here. A lot of electronics, with grunts and sampled guitars that are repeated in loops. Even the well-known call of Tarzan undergoes a treatment 'Jungle Fever Glaukom'. Is all this something for a metal magazine, I hear you ask? Maybe, maybe not. The discussion can be held indefinitely, like who should and should not be in the Dutch national football team. Fact is that this subsonic attack is much heavier than what Metallica and Megadeth have produced in recent years, so based on that criterion, I say yes, it belongs here. A brave metalhead indeed to take this challenge.

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