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The Watchers - Sabbath Highway

The Watchers - Sabbath Highway

Label : Ripple Music | Archive under stoner

Release type: Mini-CD

Ruben : ‘Sabbath Highway’ is the debut EP of a pretty much unknown band from the American West Coast. They, themselves, call their music “Heavy Street Riff Rock”, but in more identifiable terms, you’d say that this is a good mix of stoner and old school heavy metal. Looking at the album title, you’d guess they were aiming for a comparison with the legendary musicians of Black Sabbath, which is actually on point on their ‘Call The Priest’ track. The technical stunts guitarist Jeremy Von Eppic conjures up have something in common with the riffing of the great Tony Iommy himself. The other Black Sabbath influences are mainly concentrated around the dramatic, and slightly threatening, ‘Requiem Intro’. It’s a two minute long intro, which is long for an EP with only four “real” tracks. It does sound a lot like Sabbath did on the ‘Mob Rules’ album. This kind of revisiting the Black Sabbath repertoire could make The Watchers a band to keep an eye on. Just in case they start releasing full-blown albums.

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