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Witchwood - Handful Of Stars

Witchwood - Handful Of Stars

Label : Jolly Roger Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Last year I was pretty excited about the album 'Litanies From The Woods' by the Italian psychedelic rockers Witchwood. A group that is especially indebted to bands like Jethro Tull (and not only by the use of the flute) and which are thus not ashamed to explicitly revert back to a bygone era. And then you expect that a year later there are no sudden changes. And on this new CD 'Handful Of Stars’ you do not hear those changes: this still is classic (prog) rock.

After the intro 'Presentation' that makes the listener rather curious the guitarists Stella and Dal Pane immediately throw in a wonderful riff in the swinging 'Like A Giant In A Cage’. A track which is further adorned by dominant keys of Stefano Olivi and the flute of Samuele Tesori. That line is drawn further on in the fine rocking 'A Grave Is The River’. Then I should note that the album loses quality. It gets a little boring. This is mainly due to the lack of surprises. It all sounds very much the same, no matter how good that is at times. And despite the fact that the band has saved the best until last (the title track: great) I unfortunately have to note that tracks like the brilliant 'The Golden King' from the previous album, are also missing. I know. such a great song you only write once in your career. All in all a good release but still less than its predecessor. .

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