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Tarnkappe - Winterwaker

Tarnkappe - Winterwaker

Label : Hammerheart Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kevin : I have known Tarnkappe since their debut ‘Tussen Hun En De Zon’, which was a good album. On ‘Winterwaker’ these guys have upped the stakes and they have made a very solid old school black metal album here. The record sounds clear and cold, like a pane of ice on a dark pool. The mix is extremely well balanced and sounds organic. Musically, there are references to Arkanum, Burzum and (old) Gorgoroth. There is quite some variation in speed, but whether it is slow and brooding or fast blastbeats, it is all played really tight. The vocals are delightfully disgusting when screamed, but there are also whails of desperation to be heard that add a certain emotion to the music. With ‘Winterwaker’ the line of excellent Dutch black metal releases has grown lomger again, and I can totally recommend this album.

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