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Desert Near The End - Theater Of War

Desert Near The End - Theater Of War

Label : Total Metal Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Desert Near The End’s previous effort ‘Hunt For The Sun’ was kinda great and I was looking forward to its successor which has become ‘Theater Of War’ (yes, indeed this is including the grammatical / spelling fuck up in “theatre”). Its predecessor “Hunt For The Sun’ was a wonderful forceful power metal album in the vein of Iced Earth that even made me think Desert Near The End was one of the best power metal bands ever to emerge from Greece soil. ‘Theater Of War’ is a great follow up album for a band that somewhat changed their view on things.

If you adored the previous album you will be astonished with the giant step forward Desert Near The End made the past few years. The group has intermingled more pure fast-forwarded thrash elements within their power metal music, which almost leads to a new offshoot within the metal scene called powerthrash (freely interpreted by me after Messiah’s 1985 ‘Powertrash’ demo tape). What a great band Akis Prasinikas (bass), Alexandros Papandreou (vocals), Thomas Shaffer (guitars) and their drum computer have. Again, it’s called Desert Near The End and they are fucking mighty great!

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