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Sarkom - Anti-Cosmic Art

Sarkom - Anti-Cosmic Art

Label : Dark Essence Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : This anti-cosmic art hails from Norway and then it will be no surprise that Sarkom stands for grim, icy black metal. Exactly ten years ago their debut album ‘Aggravation Of Mind’ came out and since then they built up a diehard fan-base.

Three years ago the predecessor ’Doomsday Elite’ was released and that album already showed a more open view for new influences in comparison with earlier works. They achieve that by involving guest musicians and that is also tenable for ‘Anti-Cosmic Art’. The core band is guided by blackened throat Erik Unsgaard and now includes guitarist Thrawn, bassist Sgt. V and drummer Defest. But there are other invitees who add – mainly in the guitar skills – a more melodic approach. Mark you, this remains extremely dark and brutal work, but a touch of melody does not harm. Old school blackies will right away be delighted by the blastbeat parade of opener ‘Previous Associates, Now As Targets For The Gun’, a long title for an epos that brims with idiosyncratic screams as well as occult chants. The guitars in ‘Mind-Abscess’ instantly sound smoother and that appears to be the foundation for three guitar solos in different styles, respectively from Thrawn, Peter Huss (Shining) and Galaaen. ‘Ruiners Of Our Family Tree’ has more of a drawling nature and is featured by fluttering guitars, atmospheric and dynamic, and a heartfelt vintage solo. Once more we can state that black metal is blend with classic heavy metal influences here. However, next it gets pitch black again, since the fast and furious blastbeats of ‘Seen Through The Eyes Of A Pedophile Priest’ (lyrics go straight to the point indeed) are only completed with sardonic, solemn spoken words. In ‘Come; Dear Cancer’ Pehr Skjoldhammer of Alfahanne joins the heaviness with some proclaiming, insane and eerie vocals. After the stereotype ‘Black Metal Necrophilia’ they go for a Sodom cover. ‘Sodomy And Lust’ turns into a rigorous black ‘n thrash track. In addition we hear Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT) and former Sarkom guitarist Sagstad (TrollFest) as guest guitarists on the record. Meritorious, but with a length of 31 minutes – including the cover – quite too short.

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