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Dawnbringer - XX

Dawnbringer - XX

Label : Ektro Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Marcel H. : Mixed feelings I have listening to this EP by the criminally underrated Dawnbringer. ‘XX’ starts off with a meaningless acoustic song to continue with mid-tempo ‘Into The Maze’ which reminds me of newer Grand Magus musically. The vocal lines are nice and catchy, but somehow the guitar gets on my nerves. The song that follows, ‘North By North’, is the prize song of the record. It kicks off with a melody which we already heard in ‘Into The Maze’, but here the guitars don’t get on my nerves. The two remaining songs are also mid-tempo. That is more or less my biggest problem with this disc: the tempo is too much the same all the way through. The atmosphere is fine, nice and doomy, yet hopeful.

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