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Crimson Moon - Oneironaut

Crimson Moon - Oneironaut

Label : W.T.C.Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The originally American outfit Crimson Moon (now operating in Germany) return after eleven years with a new full-length album called ‘Oneironaut’. In the past Crimson Moon could be characterised as Cradle/Emperor/Dimmu emulating of questionable quality. But apparently the experience of band leader Scorpios Andronoctus in playing with bands such as Melechesh and Ancient has somewhat paid off. ‘Oneironaut’ is not quite a symphonic black metal album and probably for the better.

The sound is still firmly rooted in mid-nineties Scandinavian black metal and so is the production quality. Not exactly polished, so to speak. The songs tend to be quite elaborate and meandering and this creates a certain grandeur which is emphasised by the use clean vocals in between the quite raspy shrieks. ‘Oneironaut’ almost seems like a slightly more modern version of Abigor’s ‘Nachthymnen’. It is only during the final massive twenty minute title track that Crimson Moon dares to experiment with textures, instruments (violin, acoustics, percussion) and style. And with quite interesting results too! The mean of album however doesn’t show this personal approach and although this does result in a decent black metal atmosphere, the scope of the album remains rather limited and as a consequence so does its relevance.

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