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Paria - Knochenkamp

Paria - Knochenkamp

Label : World Terror Committe | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Kevin : When a World Terror Committee release is shoved into your face, your black metal heart ignites in flames of frenzy. If one of the few labels that produces consistent quality releases something, you know it will be great. In this case we are dealing with the new EP of Paria and I have seldom heard such a malign and hateful collection of riffs. For the duration of three songs the band torments the listener with adventurous and hurtful black metal with insane vocals. A brilliant cover of Bathory`s ‘Call From The Grave’ is included, it is so well done that it took me a minute to realise this was a cover. The band recreated it in their own image. This is essential and a unique EP.

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