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Gaerea - Gaerea

Gaerea - Gaerea

Label : Everlasting Spew Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Everlasting Spew Records is a new Italian label that will focus on death/grind/doom metal, but as first item they release the self-titled MCD of their fellow countrymen Gaerea, a brand new band as well, formed in 2016. We could not trace if these musicians already have experience in other bands before, neither could we find their names, but the five songs are sure-fire crafted death/black metal with from time to time an epic post-rock flavour. In this respect one can refer to Mgla, Downfall Of Gaia and even Behemoth.

The 27 minutes playing time kicks off with the shortest track ‘Sanctificato’. Soaring synthesizers pass into sturdy guitar riffs. The compelling, rather slow song has a dark atmosphere and the juicy grunts sound raucous, somewhere in between black and death shouts/screams. Overall it sounds desperate. We also hear very graceful meandering leads and that will continue in the next songs, all of them are five to six minutes long. The riffs of ‘Final Call’ even have a doom-like tinge and the epic ending is preceded by some fervent accelerations. The tight patterns of the dense black metal in ‘Pray To Your False God’ is interrupted by a pontifical spoken part. In the rebellious ‘Through Time’ we hear tribal drums and in addition to heaviness there is again room for a spoken word fragment. A prominent role for double bass-drums in the occluding track and single ‘Void Of Numbness’ and we have one more seminal Italian act in our ranks. Extreme metal, but with feeling for melody and well-constructed songs.

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