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Black Hole Generator - A Requiem For Terra

Black Hole Generator - A Requiem For Terra

Label : Dark Essence Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cedric : Black Hole Generator is the brainchild of Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Vulture Industries), was founded back in 2006 and released a first EP called ‘Black Karma’ that same year. After an almost ten-year wait Bjørnar is finally ready with the successor of that EP and November will see the release of the first full-length album by Black Hole Generator. ‘A Requiem For Terra’ firmly follows the foundations lain on ‘Black Karma’ and serves us a fantastic fix of aggressive sounding music.

The seven songs on this record sound grim, powerful and evil, but at the same time very beautiful. Fans of bands like for example Anaal Nathrakh, Borknagar and Dödheimsgard will definetely understand what I mean by this. Black metal, in all possible shapes and speeds, is undeniably the ground layer of Black Hole Generator’s music. But the songs are so beautifully upgraded by adding influences ranging from doom, sludge, postrock/metal, and the whole topped-off with a progressive sounding edge. This mix of atmosphere and sounds results in ‘A Requiem For Terra’ to sound convincing throughout the whole album. Nilsen knows perfectly to use the contrast between fast and slower parts in the music, but also on a vocal level he switches beautifully between hellish screams and avantgarde-sounding clean vocals. Listen to the wonderful ‘Titan’ for example, a song in which you can discover many facets of this band.

Bjørnar E. Nilsen actually ís Black Hole Generator, but for the recordings he got backed up by for example Arve Isdal (Enslaved, Audrey Horne) and Gjermund Fredheim (Taake, Orkan) on guitars. With the winter in plain sight, ‘A Requiem For Terra’ could not have had a better timing to be unleashed upon the world. The raw yet hauntingly beautiful atmosphere of the album will definetely please a lot to fans of the genre. Be sure to check this out! But beware, listening to this album comes with a big risk of getting addicted to the music on it.

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