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Degrees Of Truth - The Reins Of Life

Degrees Of Truth - The Reins Of Life

Label : Underground Symphony | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Degrees Of Truth just released their debut album. Not just a record with a bunch of songs, but eleven real well written songs where two of them take the ten minute hurdle. This latter is quite a brave journey, because how do you keep a ten minute song interesting to listen to? Musically it turns out to be a good album. It is easy to listen to without being bored. Some parts are pretty fast and others slow it down to give attention to details. A lot of variation in a nice way and definitely original. Singer Claudia Nora knows how to keep up with the guys. Once in a while she touches the high notes but mainly stays in the mid and something lower notes. This is what makes it an album that is pleasant to listen to. She uses her energy wisely to keep the contrast pleasant. She earns high points. For a debut album a very nice album!

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