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Corona Skies - Fragments Of Reality

Corona Skies - Fragments Of Reality

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Corona Skies is the name of the Finnish sextet and ‘Fragments Of Reality’ is the name of the debut album. Opener ‘Big Boy’s Blues’ puts me up with strongly mixed feelings. This sounds like a pale imitation of Sonata Arctica. The following ‘The Social Network’ kicks some positive surprised feelings this way, a fast paced and merrily chaotic song that bears an Avatar association and in which lyrics and sound effects are perfectly in tune. While the vocals of Oskari Salovaara seemed nothing more than dull on ‘Big Boy’s Blues’, on this one, the man gets you to the tip of your chair! ‘Falling Sky’ is a very decent semiballad, complete with acoustic interlude and a curious pace change here and there. Because of the duration of this one, you can see this as the one where the A side ends and where you have to turn your vinyl around.

The cd continues with ‘Delirium Disco’ and yeah, what to say of that one? Just give it a try yourself with the videoclip below and judge for yourself, for everyone most likely has his own opinion about that one. ‘Business Suits You’ is by far the most metal song on the record, with tasty riffs, a firm piece of percussion and interesting keyboards that are just that bit different from the standard synths that get thrown in the direction every power metal fan all the time. Among the closing three we can find ‘The Sea Of My Mediocrity’, an over eight minute during epos and ironically the only not mediocre song among those last three. All in all, this album is a fine piece of work that features some great songs, but also some fillers. A record that can get the sticker melodic metal for the whole thing, but impresses above average by leaving that beaten track occasionally.

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