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Sixtynine - You Are Me

Sixtynine - You Are Me

Label : Rock Company | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : We don’t see it too often that a band from Slovenia releases an album that is reaching our territory but this outfit Sixtynine has nevertheless succeeded in that with this debut album ‘You Are Me’. The band is playing traditional (heavy) rock with a lot of attention for the fine vocals of singer Tomaz, who is (rightfully) determining the overall band sound of Sixtynine to a large extent. The album kicks off with the very beautiful, but rather subdued ‘Don’t Give Up’, which for me definitely is one of the best songs that this album has to offer.

But it’s certainly not the only good tune that is displayed here as also ‘Believe’, the heavier ‘Good Trade’ and title track ‘You Are Me’ clearly show that this band has a certain talent. Of course they still need to work on their song material, but they demonstrate to have a solid base which can be a precursor to steady growth in the future. Sixtynine knows how to write beautiful songs and has with the already mentioned Tomaz a great singer, which lifts these tunes to a higher quality level with his beautiful voice. Especially for a debut album ‘You Are Next’ has become a nice record, which fans of well performed heavy (hard) rock) will be able to appreciate. It’s not extremely heavy, so if you’re only into raging guitars then you should definitely avoid this one. However, if you’re a bit more open-minded and can appreciate well performed guitar rock tunes, then you should give this ‘You Are Me’ a try. Not extremely heavy, but beautiful nevertheless.

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