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Seventh Wonder - Welcome To Atlanta

Seventh Wonder - Welcome To Atlanta

Label : Frontiers Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : With singer Tommy Karevik in their ranks Seventh Wonder did catch quite some attention when he was announced as the new singer of Kamelot. But what was perhaps not expected; Karevik remained loyal to Seventh Wonder and so now is singing in both class prog metal bands. And why not? As long it is combinable for him there should be no problem whatsoever. With 'Welcome To Atlanta - Live 2014' this band serves a nice gift for the fans; a live CD and DVD. The latter we did not receive for review so I can "only" discuss the captured audio but I can be brief. An excellent representation of what Seventh Wonder has to offer; swirling power prog as no one but these Swedes can play. Of course with quite a lick of Dream Theater in the overall sound, but hey, they were once the founder of this style. The sound is unfortunately a bit hollow sometimes, or this must be a thing of my stereo set. It does not affect however the overall enjoyment of this beautiful mix of their repertoire and even a look into the future, it shows nothing but class and drive. I therefore am very curious about the new album that is being worked on!

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