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Mass Deception - Revelations

Mass Deception - Revelations

Label : RVPrecords | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : At the end of 2015 a couple of members of renowned Dutch metal bands came together to start up a new Dutch thrash band. Barely one year later Mass Deception, because that the name of the band that we’re talking about here, has already released their full-length debut album ‘Revelations’ on the RVP Records label. Isn’t this going way too fast you might wonder? Well, if I listen to the ten tracks that this record has to offer, I’m inclined to say no because you can clearly hear that these gentlemen are very experienced in writing and performing nice, modern sounding thrash tunes.

Because of the fact that the vocals are leaning towards grunting this might even also be interesting for death metal fans. The guitar work is well taken care of and that accounts for the fact that especially songs like ‘Divide And Rule’, ‘They Live’, ‘Unslaved’ (my personal favorite!) and ‘Weapons Of Mass Deception’ sound great, but as a matter of fact that is the case for the whole album. Sometimes they go full-speed ahead, but they regularly slow down as well and those tempo changes are partly the reason that the record remains interesting for the whole duration. The Slayer cover ‘Criminally Insane’ (although not bad at all) is a bit superfluous in my opinion, as is the acoustic track ‘Ancient Of Days’, which just doesn’t fit between the rest of the much heavier material. Despite of this Mass Deception is putting itself successfully on the map with this very well succeeded energetic debut album ‘Revelations’, and shows that the Dutch thrash metal scene definitely has a future. Now onto the stage with this material, guys! A big circle pit will be the probable result.

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