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Dead End Finland - Slaves To The Greed

Dead End Finland - Slaves To The Greed

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Dead End Finland happens to be a very melodic death metal band from Helsinki. Earlier they released the albums ’Stain Of Disgrace’ (2012) and ’Season Of Withering’ (2013). They have worked more than two years on this newest disc, recordings took place at the famous D-studio and the entire thing sounds massive, multilayered and from time to time really bombastic. On ‘Slaves To The Greed’ they did the utmost to bring the sound to a higher level again.

What instantly leaps to the eye in the opening track ‘Through The Echoes, Future And Past’ and ‘Inside The Void’ is the multiple use of uplifting, modern pop keyboards. Vocalist Mikko Virtanen always switches from juicy, dynamic grunts to smooth clean vocals. Due to the fact that the band also uses orchestral arrangements and allows any progressive influences, we sometimes think of Scar Symmetry. But Dead End Finland is most of all catchy, fetching and accessible. The symphonic arrangements swing with the rest and now and then they bring in an introvert passage with for instance piano and cello. Halfway we have ‘Devil’s Triangle (Interlude)’ as moment of tranquility, but in the next tracks they swallow the bait again. Sometimes it is almost as catchy as Amaranthe, but without the female vocals. In ‘Nightfall’ and the multilayered occluding track ‘Slaves To The Greed’ Mikko sings incidentally with a low, warm gothic voice. Thus loads of variation in the vocal parts and all in all an album that is easygoing and agreeable to listen to.

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