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Bloodride - Planet Alcatraz

Bloodride - Planet Alcatraz

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With ’Crowned In Hell’ (2011) and ’Bloodmachine’ (2014), this Finnish act delivered two respectable albums. The quintet came with aggressive, but at the same time heavy and bulky, thrash and typically Scandinavian death n’ roll, and convinced through solid, impactful songs.

At the end of the month the band will release its third, and also its most aggressive album, ‘Planet Alcatraz’. The band has again deviated little from the sound and style they revealed on their previous works, but have clearly progressed on all fronts. I like the fact that the majority of the material on this album is up-tempo, and that they blast mercilessly for 90% of the time. However, there is also enough space for melody and variety, but in general the gentlemen keep the pace rather high. But despite that the album doesn’t bore quickly and doesn’t lose its impact and intensity for even a moment; well, except for the closing ‘Marching Off To War’ with its annoying drunkards’ jabbering. The rest of the songs however, are all of a high quality and are convincing. Although the music sounds quite contemporary (which also goes for the production), the band shows a more traditional approach and has limited the groove more, which will help the album to apply to a larger audience than its predecessors.

I should point out that due to the band’s lack of self-identity the songs don’t really make a lasting impression. But that is often the case with this type of music, and it is not that disturbing anyway. And as said; the band has definitely progressed on all fronts and has simply delivered a bunch of solid, intense and catchy songs. All in all ‘Planet Alcatraz’ is definitely Bloodride’s strongest release to date. Fans of aggressive, modern (Scandinavian) thrash and death n’ roll, and bands such as (later) Entombed, Impious, Dew-Scented, Accuser and similar acts should definitely give it a try.

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