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Adversor - Rise To Survive

Adversor - Rise To Survive

Label : Punishment 18 Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : After the demise of the – to me unfamiliar – H.o.S. (Harvester Of Sorrow) band, vocalist/guitarist Dado, along with his brother Jacoppo founded Adversor, from which the two-track demo ‘Beware of Soothsayer’ was released early this year. Last month the first long player, ‘Rise To Survive’, from the quartet was a fact, and let me say immediately that it is definitely not a disappointing one.

Adversor plays unadulterated, old- school thrash metal that is mainly influences by the Teutonic variant of the genre. As soon as after the (somewhat too long) intro the band bursts out with ‘The Triumph Of Terror’ the influences from especially Kreator and Sodom clearly come forward. But besides that the band reminds me a lot of Dutch aggressors Legion Of The Damned. Dado’s hellish vocals also sound as a combination of a young Tom Angelripper (in the ‘Persecution Mania’ era) and Maurice Swinkels, and that of course adds an even more aggressive vibe to the total picture. Needless to say that the music is not original for even a moment, and even sounds quite predictable at times, but the band fully compensates that with solid, and highly catchy compositions. The gentlemen deliver the one catchy, heavy and yet razor-sharp riff after the other and constantly put the cervical muscles to work. Fortunately there is enough space for the rhythm section as well, that add the necessary depth to the whole.

The music is quite up-tempo in general. In only 33 minutes the band rages through nine tracks. But there is also enough space for melody and variable tempos, by which they make sure to keep you focused. Even more so, during the slower pieces that the band creates a delightfully grim atmosphere. But whether they are playing fast, slow or mid-tempo, the music’s wrought-up character remains intact at all times. I must however say that I do not find all tracks equally as convincing, but with speed chasers such as ‘The Triumph Of Terror’ and the devastating title track, the sturdy pounders ‘Abhor War Crimes’, ‘Final Call’, and the fantastic ‘Envenomed’ the album definitely contains a few highly tasty and solid thrashers. All in all ‘Rise To Survive’ is a successful debut and a good album that will apply to the fans of the genre, and of the aforementioned bands and similar acts.

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