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Vörgus - White Trash Hellraisers

Vörgus - White Trash Hellraisers

Label : Inferno Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Damn, has it been seven years already since Vörgus unleashed its debut, ’Hellfueled Satanic Action’, upon us? Time does indeed fly when you’re having fun. You see, that record still finds its way to my player frequently and the old-school black/thrash from these hellhounds is still as powerful as the day it was released.

Thank Satan the second long player from the Swedish trio simply continues where the debut left off, and the band hasn’t deviated from their sound and style. Immediately after the short (and rather meaningless) intro we get a headbanging, hellraising frenzy with wrought-up, nihilistic, blackened old-school thrash that grabs you by the throat and enforces your neck to work overtime. The influences from Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Possessed and co. are ever present, and again you shouldn’t be expecting any forms of innovation or originality here. And again that’s not disturbing whatsoever. Quite the opposite, because with the enthusiasm and conviction Vörgus represents the whole you only hunger for more afterwards. This is another proof that you don’t need complexity or technical drivel in order to impress. The power and the beauty lies mainly within the simplicity and the intensity of the total picture. Thanks to the clear, powerful production the album doesn’t sound dated, and the whole comes into its own well, without losing the old-school charm. Altogether ‘White Trash Hellraisers’ is a little-surprising record, but again food for old-school purists that, just like yours truly, can’t get enough of a good chunk of blackened thrash.

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