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Seeking Raven - The Ending Collage

Seeking Raven - The Ending Collage

Label : Dr. Music Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : In 2012, I reviewed the first Seeking Raven album (‘Lonely Art ') and found that a loner had done impressive things there. Four years later Seeking Raven is still there, evidenced by the second album 'The Ending Collage’. Janos Rusenbaum got a little more help, but is still the leader of the project. He managed to maintain the special arty atmosphere and thus the 'private' character. Musically it swings a little back and forth; of melancholy and acapella, from folk to jazz, nothing is shunned by Krusenbaum actually. And that is alsot he critical point; as a whole, it is too incoherent, how audible his heart and soul is poured in it. Vocally sometimes it goes from very strong to moderate. Nevertheless, Seeking Raven has remained true to his path and remained entirely himself. This kind of albums albums are often called a challenge, to which I agree.

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