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Vike Tare - Feed The Flames

Vike Tare - Feed The Flames

Label : Einheit Produktionen | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : I have been protected from releases of Viking metal album for quite a reasonable time. Thanks for that. But the Vikings are simply everywhere, so there is a release unleashed on me again. This time it is Vike Tare from German Friesland. A region with a lovely Viking, shipping and pirate history. However, I am totally fed up with the genre because of the endless stream of releases that it produces. Especially because most of it do not stand out, are boring, or even downright bad. I honestly cannot say that ‘Feed The Flames’ is a bad album, however, is a bit boring and totally unobtrusive. Boring is particularly the song of the YouTube clip below, the rest of the songs are more enjoyable, especially 'Die Späte Rückkehr' has some beautiful, entertaining moments. The majority of the songs, however, make little impression. This band sounds especially much like....all those other bands that have got similar verdicts. This is only recommended for fans of the genre who really want to have everything or for people who want to get to know the genre. Because as I said earlier, this is not bad at all, but it really adds nothing to what you already have.

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