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Veil Of Delusions - Echoes Of Dawn

Veil Of Delusions - Echoes Of Dawn

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Just until a week ago I had never even heard of this band. The e-mail I received from headquarters informing me of a new promo to download and to review did not put me in a mode of sheer happiness. This because of the albums I had to review the last weeks filled with female fronted metal left me gasping for some fresh and more original metal. Although I may consider myself a lucky bastard with this position, it is also a position where one yearns for something to shine and sparkle between the grey and sometimes colourless mass.

On a grey clouded morning filled with fog I decided to pass on driving to work by car and took my bike to fulfil the journey. Between the moments of heavy fog I heard the first drum parts of the intro of the album, enough to make me smile. If drummer Rob would maintain this style of drumming he will be earning bonus points. Fierce pounding is the best way to describe it. He does not kiss his drum kit, he leads his army on the road to conquer the enemy. That is the way I like it! After this intro the song ‘War Begins’ hits my brain and turns out to be a good substitute for a gallon of coffee. What a huge amount of energy and passion this band shows! The sound of the album shows that this band has done a good job in recording their own album but it is obviously not an high end production. But honestly: it still is above average. I have heard albums with a less production but with well-known producers on the marketing sheet. But nevertheless this album is a joy. Rob is not the only one that deserves credits. All members are outstanding. This band is without a doubt a band with high potential. They should be given the chance to grow and hit the stage a lot. But hey, did not all great bands start like this? Let us hope they are able to do so. Singer Zoë knows how to keep my attention. Where most singers would try to reach the high notes, she shows to be more convincing to hit the lower notes. Most of her vocal lines are pretty good, although there are moments where she sings just fine but where the vocal lines are not that good. A song like ‘Black Wings’ shows this at moments. Luckily my bike trips to and from work are just long enough to listen to the whole album. And this record shows a massive song almost on the end of the album. The song ‘Fields Of Dragons’ might be the best song of the album and is truly top of the bill. I am left with goose bumps. The vocal lines are amazing and Zoë brings her words tremendously convincing. In one word: amazing! Did I mention I took the bike the rest of the week? This album might fill in the first position if you ask me for debut album of the year.

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