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Red Kaukasus - Reflections

Red Kaukasus - Reflections

Label : Ichorous Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Quite interesting material is arriving us (again) from Finland. Red Kaukasus started over there in Tampere in 2010 as post rock band, but in the meantime they have influences of progressive rock, pop, metal and alternative rock infiltrated into their music. In 2014 they released debut album ‘The Architect’, now followed by ‘Reflections’. The songs are quite atmospheric, have an original approach which is most of the time very well and the album truly rocks without being distinctly metallic stuff.

In opener ‘Purebred’ – right away nearly eight minutes – beautiful meandering guitars and arcane mantra chants initially reminds us of alternative rock with a pinch of Tool signature. Vocalist Ilmari Kallio chooses unexpected twists and turns in his vocal lines (in higher regions Danzig), but mostly his voice happens to be melancholic. Calm and heavier parts are intermittent and have a progressive tinge. After the firmly rocking ‘Sylvan’, ‘Tightrope’ starts thoughtful and atmospheric, continuing in post-rock atmospheres. With percussion and incidental keyboards they build up tension. More than once quiescent singer-songwriter songs loom up in between the more complex songs. Examples of that are ‘Ghosts’, the instrumental ‘Desireless’ and the beautiful sung ‘Land Of The Leal’. Calm and lamentable is ‘The Wrecked’, yet quite captivating, but a wild outburst brings in nice contrasts. ‘Room With No Corners’ is experimental and full of distortion, it is quite a flaw. The occluding track ‘Vestal’ on the contrary, is top notch class. The ‘sitting on a fence’ attitude with low-ranged Doors alike voice is conjuring and mystical. Spoken parts with beautiful meandering guitar solos in between make this the stunner of the record. With all kinds of influences, from everywhere the wind blows, Red Kaukasus has created a diverting album that grows with every listen. Comparisons with other bands are almost impossible, but that implicates that they have a signature approach. This artful collective has potential!

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