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Re-Armed - The Era Of Precarity

Re-Armed - The Era Of Precarity

Label : Saarni Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : With this ‘The Era Of Precarity’ album the Finish thrash metal band Re-Armed is already up to their third full-length release. After at first having spent about ten years in the demo stadium, they finally released their debut album ‘Worldwide Hypnotize’ in 2011 as an independent release, which would one year later be brought to market again on a worldwide scale by the German label Massacre Records. In 2014 successor ‘Rottendam’ was released via Eternal Sound Records and that one is two years later followed by ‘The Era Of Precarity’.

Style-wise there isn’t changed that much during the three releases because they still get their influences from the so-called “Gothenburg metal scene’ and therefore the music relies very much on the fast riffing of both guitar players Mika Oinonen and Jussi Venalainen and the rough voice of singer Jouni Matilainen. The song material reminds me quite a lot of bands like The Haunted and The Crown and that’s certainly not a bad reference in my book. Quality wise Re-Armed is however not at the same level yet as the mentioned bands, although it has to be said that they have been capable of writing a couple of very decent tunes. Just listen to songs like ‘Lullaby Of Obedience’ (nice song title by the way!), ‘Riot Act’ or ‘Three Headed Beast’, which are all very fast tracks that will severely test your neck muscles. Still the song material of Re-Armed as a whole lacks that little bit of extra quality that’s needed to really stand out from the crowd. As a consequence this ‘The Era Of Precarity’ album will be labeled as quite nice, but nothing more than that.

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