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Ruben Hoeke Band - Sonic Revolver

Ruben Hoeke Band - Sonic Revolver

Label : Butler Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : You want the best, you got the best! The hottest rock in the world ... HOEKE!

So, it is time to re-shuffle the cards. Joe Bonamassa, make way please! Now we really know that you can play guitar, but we have now enough (live) albums from you. Thereby, it all starts to sound very similar. Time for a different sound. A fresh wind. A wind all the way from... Zaandam, a rural place in the north of Amsterdam. And it is a freshness that sometimes rubs even firmer against hard rock. Can this really be called blues rock anyway, the corner where Ruben Hoeke and his band mainly pushed in? Well, does it actually matters? I couldn't care less, especially when Ruben Hoeke released his fingers over the strings. Then I hear the fresh whirlwind of a young Eddie Van Halen. Not coincidentally Hoekes hero, though Hoeke isn't such an acrobat on the frets. His game is entirely in the service of the songs, nevertheless its authentic (what is this anyway?) and warm guitar sound dominates tastefully in every song. Dutch guitar gods like Eddie, Jan Akkerman (Hoeke already worked with him), Adje Vandenberg (an acquaintance or maybe an friend of Hoeke) bear the Dutch banner proudly for decades now, but it is bloody time for a young god among these now elderly men. String champions as Sacksioni, Gelling, Julian Sas and Marcel Coenen are succesfull, but aren't promoted to the collective memory of the Netherlands. Now there is no longer any reason that Ruben Hoeke can't join the select legion of world-renowned Dutch rock gods. And ladies, he has a pretty face too.

And not least: he has some damn good music too. Hoeke also been playing for a few years already, has defecated several albums (including the rightfully praised

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