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Darkher - Realms

Darkher - Realms

Label : Prophecy Productions | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Darkher is the ethereal musical project of British Jayne H. Wissenberg in which neo-folk, doom-like mysteries and gothic serenity are blend in an amalgamation of otherworldly sounds. We had our brief first encounter with this mysterious art of the lady via the EP ’The Kingdom Field’ (2014). Now we have the proper full length debut album ‘Realms’ with three quarters of an hour atmospheric music to be led away to other realms.

The soaring sounds of this album fly over your head as a spiritual entity, while the velvet voice of Jayne caresses us in a thoughtful manner. ‘Hollow Veil’ includes – in addition to those otherworldly sounds – also a magnificent outburst with tremolo guitar skills, compelling and slow. Beautiful sonorous guitars open ‘Moths’ while the smooth storytelling voice brings peace in our restless souls. ‘Wars’ is quite a nice surprise and begins with soaring distorted e-bow sounds (like whales) that remind us of Solstafir. The pace is getting up when drums join in and it turns into a smooth rocking song with martial drum patterns. The drums (by ex-Anathema and more guy Shaun ’Winter’ Taylor-Steels) are prominently present in the mix when they add momentum to the songs. ‘Wars’ happens to be our favourite track on this debut, although one can find plenty of other nice moments in the next esoteric songs when you have a liking for unworldly and dreamy timbres. There is always a kind of threatening in the air, invigorated by some eerie sounds. It is finely illustrated in the sinister ‘Buried’ (divided in two parts). This is a nice atmospheric record to bring peace into your soul.

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