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The Blue Poets - The Blue Poets

The Blue Poets - The Blue Poets

Label : CMM | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : The Blue Poets, four German musicians who present to dish out a debut album that is filled with blues music. That is what The Blue Poets are alla bout, nothing more nothing less. The band plays the blues in a traditional way and every now and then they add some heavy rock and good old rock and roll.

But to be honest this is a borderline case. This is a CD that will not appeal to true metal or heavy rock adapten; there is too little connection with our favorite music genre. Songs like ‘Sad, Sad, Sad’ and ‘It's About Time’ are tracks that are of interest to fans of The Paladins but not for metalheads. And the song which perhaps ‘rocks’ the most – opener 'Goodbye'- is in my opinion one of the worst songs. So that does not help either. The song material is very basic: we hear a lot of basic blues riffs, the ones you learn when you start playing guitar. These guys play those riffs faultless (obviously) and quite committed but it never gets really exciting. It remains too flat to get a party started. The somewhat dull voice of Gordon Grey can not ensure that the spark lights up. Even beautiful (guitar) tracks like ‘Alien Angel' and 'With Your Eyes' cannot change that unfortunately.

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