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Hyponic - 前行者

Hyponic - 前行者

Label : Weird Truth Productions | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Chinese funeral doom with ambient influences. It is not something you come across on a daily basis. Hyponic hails from Hong Kong and was formed there a year before Hong Kong became Chinese again. So, in 1996. The band started off as a death band and evolved into a funeral doom band over the years. In 2001 their debut saw the light of day, in 2005 album number two and now, in 2016, album number three. The first thing that struck me the both the album title and the song titles (except for closer ‘Intro’) are written and sung in Chinese and that no translation is provided. Six songs in a little over 34 minutes and that for funeral doom. So, for the genre the songs are extremely short. And to be honest I don’t mind at all. The band comes to the point quickly and manages to capture the listener’s attention. Hyponic delivers very to the point funeral doom with some ambient influences. That it is sung in Chinese one will not notice due to the grunts. Because of that closer ‘Intro’ could also have been sung in Chinese due to the fact the vocals sound the same as the Chines ones. All in all interesting funeral doom from China. I should go out and look for their other albums as well.

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