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Pavlov's Dog - House Broken Live 2015

Pavlov's Dog - House Broken Live 2015

Label : Rockville Music | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : So here's a lesson to be learnt: never judge a book by its cover. This live recording of a Pavlov's Dog gig (a band new to me) is undeniably wrapped in a package made with lots of love, but it's as ugly as it gets. And would I be guitarist Amanda McCoy, then I wouldn't be happy with the picture. The more since she totally rips it up big time! Ladies and gentlemen, the lead work on this record is as good as adventurous blues rock guitar soloing can get!!! Paired with electric violin, this really makes listening to this live album a fun thing. And there's that: the band seems to have taken my colleagues' criticism from years ago to heart: the songs go wild live, where studio versions would be tidy and neat. This is balls out - with the women in the band taking the lead effortlessly on many occasions.

Pavlov's Dog has been around for a long time, wrongly pushed in the progressive rock corner. It's rock, with some folk, pop, blues and fusion - but never "thinking man's music" or typically "prog". As a first encounter this live album is extremely pleasant: two CDs and a DVD with the whole show on it, just as it is. Good stuff, and I bet a good band to grab a beer and have a good evening with! Here is the trailer.

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