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Pain - Coming Home

Pain - Coming Home

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : The older you get, the faster time flies, so it seems… I can hardly believe that the previous Pain album ’You Only Live Twice’ has been released five years ago, in 2011. Not that mastermind Peter Tägtgren rest on his laurels in the meantime, since he launched albums with Hypocrisy and with Rammstein’s Lindemann and toured with Pain and Hypocrisy since then. In addition he just finished a huge production with Sabaton, while the vocals for ‘Coming Home’ still had to be recorded and the mix done as well. Anyways, on the ninth of September, the eighth Pain album will hit the shops and ‘Coming Home’ covers a surprisingly broad musical spectrum.

However, no panic! As fervent fan you will be served promptly by inciting, catchy songs with fetching choruses and slightly industrial sound, such as the opener ‘Designed To Piss You Off’, the rebellious ‘Pain In The Ass’ or the defiant ‘Natural Born Idiot’ in which Tägtgren frankly ventilates his thoughts about the human race. But we have a surplus value. It means that Clemens ‘Ardek’ Wijers (Carach Angren) pimped up the orchestral arrangements. These are truly mixed in the front in songs like the energetic ‘A Wannabe’ and the beautiful contemplative occluding track ‘Starseed’. The conjunction of heavy industrial riffs and strings works marvellous, also in heavier songs. Another thing that leaps to the eye is the use of acoustic guitars in several songs. When this leads towards thoughtful gems like the title track or the above mentioned ‘Starseed’, then we are talking about stunners. It is obvious that Tägtgren was submerged into a David Bowie addiction last years; of course the Bowie of the early seventies (they do not only share their awe for the universe). Songs that will have a bright future as irresistible chartbusters are the very catchy ‘Black Knight Satellite’ and ‘Absinthe-Phoenix Rising’. One can find that fluent charms in the industrial stamping ‘Final Crusade’ and the dynamic ‘Call Me’ as well. In the latter one Joakim Brodén of Sabaton sings few verses with his familiar voice in a hilarious manner. The diversity that graces this album, gives it a broader approach and that is an evolution we really applaud.

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