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Necrostrigis - Archaiczna Moc Zaświatów

Necrostrigis - Archaiczna Moc Zaświatów

Label : New Era Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kevin : Necrostrigis is a Polish band with a huge pile of releases in its discography and the man behind it has a large track record in other bands. The band started in 2010, yet it all sounds like demos from 1996. Very old school. New Era Records now are releasing a cd with a gathering of tracks from 7" takes, covers and songs from compilations. The band is very consistent in sound and composition, so the fact that it is a compilation is not really noticeable. The music is cold, has the right atmosphere and, even though being terribly old school and not surprising in any way, it has an enormous amount of spirit. The hoarse screaming, echoing guitars and occasional keyboards build a portal to a time long ago. It never sounds nostalgic or stale. A fine piece of Polish black metal.

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