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Gov't Mule - The Telstar Sessions

Gov't Mule - The Telstar Sessions

Label : Provogue | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Obviously Gov't Mule is a band that needs no further introduction. The band has become an institution, especially in the world of blues and heavy rock. Like no other band the Mule manages to combine blues with (heavy) rock, there is also a bit of jazz and they add some country and soul to. Indeed, as The Allman Brothers always did. For years band leader Warren Haynes was a member of The Allman Brothers and with his own band (though he will deny that it is his band), he goes beyond were the band of Gregg Allman stopped. How Gov't Mule sounded before the band reached its current state, we can hear on this interesting release, 'The Telstar Sessions'. Recorded in 1994 as a trio (next to Haynes, we find Allen Woody on bass and Matt Abts on drums), we hear very pure music.

Yes, it sounds very basic, not only in terms of line up. Where Gov't Mule did add keyboards to their music, on this release we hear just a lot of guitar solos from Warren Haynes. And those solos are obviously great. The album opens with ‘Blind Man In The Dark', a favourite of both band and audience. The song only appeared officially in 1998 as the opening track of the album 'Dose'. We also hear the necessary tracks that would appear on the debut album later as the sultry 'Rocking Horse' and the song with good guitar solos, ‘Monkey Hill’. Or what about the slow blues colossus 'Mother Earth'? What a lovely bass by Woody! We hear a fine performance of ‘Just Got Paid’, which is not much different from the version of Pat Travers or ZZ Top, perhaps a little heavier. Clearly this is a nice addition to the already impressive catalogue of Gov't Mule.

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