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Temtris - Enter The Asylum

Temtris - Enter The Asylum

Label : Battlegod Productions | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Temtris describes itself as thrash/death metal. A quick listen to ‘Enter The Asylum’ teaches us that the lady and gentlemen of this band desperately need some time for self-reflection. Even having ex-Mortal Sin drummer Wayne Campbell and ex-Mortal Sin guitarist Anthony Hoffman in your band does not turn heavy metal into thrash, let even alone death metal. This Australian group was unknown to me until now, yet this ‘Enter The Asylum’ is no less than the fourth album of this band and the direct follow-up to ‘Shallow Grave’.

The album contains twelve songs including intro and is a tasty collection of guitar-oriented metal. Songs like ‘The Summoning’ and ‘Nightstalker’ are built around fine guitar riffs that give body to the songs. Supported by the powerful drumming of Wayne, the instrumental part is as solid as a rock. Vocalist Genevieve can not keep up the pace unfortunately and takes out the force of the music with her frail sound. The band tries to mend this with a growl here and there, though this does not add much to the experience. The guitar soloing of the duo “Hoff en Fox” (both gents have the first name Anthony, that explains it) is very tasty though.

The whole album sounds versatile and except for ballad ‘Lament’ there are no weak songs in the fold. With a better singer we would have gotten ourselves an excellent record, alas, now it does not escape the range of “fine”.

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