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Walter Trout - Alive In Amsterdam

Walter Trout - Alive In Amsterdam

Label : Mascot Records | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : ‘I am speechless. So the only thing I can think of right now is to just play the guitar’. With those words, Walter Trout opens his new live double album after being greeted with a big ovation by the audience. And ‘play the guitar’ is what it is all about on this Trout album. The man is at the top of the blues scene for years now, for both his live performances as for his albums. It should be known that the man has been battling his illness associated with insurmountable problems with his liver, which eventually led to a transplant. But Trout is back.

The double album is recorded in Theatre Carré in Amsterdam and that is a wonderful setting for such a show. And when Trout hits of his live performance with 'I'm Back' we hear the response of the audience directly; everybody grants Trout his health and his success. The blues fans of course know what to expect. You will hear a lot of guitars on this double CD of course; it is all about the instrument with the six strings. Trout plays fast solos (fuck, he is really going berserk on the neck of his guitar in ‘Help Me’), he also plays very gentle and subtle, sensitive pieces (goose bumps, paying tribute to BB King in 'Say Goodbye To The Blues’), but also pounding, heavy riffs and some tasty standard blues songs (the latter are the less interesting for a rock audience). His band also knows the deal. The drums are not complex but very tight. The keys of Sammy Avila only sporadically are more than background but in those moments his keys really add something to the guitar craziness of Trout (the brilliant 'Marie's Mood’). My personal favorite is 'Rock Me Baby' in which father and son (Jon) Trout go all the way with their guitars. Insane. Very personal document, this live recording.

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