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Revolution Within - Annihilation

Revolution Within - Annihilation

Label : Rastilho Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Revolution Within get their influences from the more aggressive but technical thrash metal. Bands like Hatesphere and Machine Head are easily recognized but Lamb Of God as well. The music is always based on a pair quickly played heavy riffs, but also stands out because of the melodic guitar solos. The vocals by singer Raca fits perfectly with the music, though he sounds a bit too monotonous. He makes up for that with the aggression that he knows how to put in his execution. Live the band will surely get the crowd moving with songs like 'Growing Inside' harboring incredibly catchy riffs. Hatesphere also has this as their trademark. Compared to the previous work the band composes better, by bringing more variety to the songs. The guitar work is prominent, but the tight drumming deserves praise as well. 'From Madness To Sanity' shows the new diversity, because it is a slower track and the aforementioned 'Growing Inside' has more groove than I have ever heard them play. Nothing new on this album but a great thrash album nonetheless.

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