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Brick - Faceless Strangers

Brick - Faceless Strangers

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : With former members of bands such as Band Of Spice, Keld, Armadillo Blues and Black Barrel Smoke the newborn Brick was soon given the name super group in their homeland Sweden. With the EP 'Bagging Memories' they've let's hear what they have to offer. But initially it didn’t run so well. Their singer/guitarist of the first hour was not really what they were looking for. Brick used then a female singer but without much result. Indirectly there came the offer off some multi instrumentalist Johan Hultgren. From the very first rehearsal it sounded as fireworks and the current Brick was born.

The ten songs only have a playing time off thirty-seven minutes, but it has therefore been very rich exploited. Ten very strong and intensive songs are flowing by. Their playing style is clearly influenced by the glory period of Rainbow. The rhythm of the drums is slightly higher and regularly passes a metalcore tinged guitar riff. It all sounds very 2016 and with vocalist Johan Hultgren they have an extremely talented singer on board. His voice sounds even a bit like the legendary Ronnie James Dio. The whole album already takes place at a high level but the absolute top tracks I refer to are 'Bagging Rainbows', 'Last Day' and 'Not Five Times Or More'. I am very curious about what the future holds for this promising band because with such a top album should certainly have to score very high.

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